John Grant School’s Green Flag Award!

John Grant School is awarded the Green Flag Award!

On Friday 8th March 2019, John Grant School was assessed by an ‘Eco Schools’ assessor. She looked at all the work we do as a school to be as Eco friendly as possible. From saving energy through solar panels and switching off equipment when not in use, keeping worms to make compost, keeping healthy, our Bittern Press Eco reporting to recycling, re-using and reducing our waste.

She was so impressed by what she saw that she awarded us the ‘Green Flag’!

This is the best award a school can achieve for their Eco work. We are all so proud of our achievements.
Well done to everyone who helped to get this award.
Congratulations John Grant School, you have proven you care for our world and your futures! Hooray!

Report written by Bittern Press Reporters and the Eco Team.

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